Equity Transit

Representing the Underserved Voices Vital to our Community by Working to Ensure Affordable, Equitable, Environmentally Wise Public Transit Essential for our Vibrant Future

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation: Transportation as a Right not a privilege

Equitable access to transportation provides access to Opportunity and benefits ALL of us. The repercussions of people not working due to their lack of access to a robust transportation system imparts consequences on our entire community.

Underrepresented communities must have seats at the discussion table and their needs met when implementing robust transit systems.


We advocate for a robust and affordable public transportation system, a clean environment, affordable housing, safe walkable streets, and opportunity access for work, school, and everyday life.


We work to amplify the voices and real-life experiences of our community members to ensure their transportation needs are met.

Why it Matters

In Santa Cruz County today, the majority of our community members are negatively impacted by the low quality of the existing transportation system. Residents of South County are severely impacted by freeway congestion. Non-driving residents of all ages and incomes are poorly served by our limited public transportation system. The high costs of housing and auto ownership create barriers for people of all but the highest income levels.

We can do better! 

Robust Transit Systems Serve to Connect us to our neighbors, strengthening our community

“Abundant transit unlocks freedom of movement. When people can count on the bus or train to get where they need to go, they can easily access jobs, education, medical care, culture, goods and services, and the daily life of their communities. They benefit from greater economic mobility and lower household costs.

Transportation systems that maximize people’s access to good transit are necessarily inclusive, without barriers linked to race, income, age, or ability. And because transit is resource-efficient and supports low-emissions neighborhoods, it’s also an indispensable tool to prevent climate change, clean our air, and protect public health.” -National Campaign for Transit Justice


Vital healthy communities are built upon well-designed public transit integrated with affordable housing, providing easy access to shopping, schools, work, and leisure.

We envision communities where a majority of residents can walk, bike, bus, and use light rail to reach their final destinations and return home easily and affordably.

Creating Alliances for an Equitable and Sustainable Future


We bring organizations and members of the community together as allies in support of promoting Equitable Transportation for underrepresented communities within Santa Cruz County,

Public Education

We seek to educate the public about the importance of equitable transportation and the choices that will determine the future of transportation in the county.


We work to ensure underrepresented communities within Santa Cruz County have a voice at the table when transportation plans and decisions are made. Photo Credit: Kevin Painchaud

Climate Justice and Transit Equity are intertwined



Communities built on Equity! Communities for the People!

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